Child Care is seasonal, as the space is occupied for Busy Bodies for Kids!

Busy Bodies for Kids offers TONS of programs for kids of all ages!

Summer Day Camps going on NOW!

New Sessions starts in the fall

Classes include, Sports, Gymnastics and Tumbling, Paint & Play, Little Learners, Tumbling Toddlers, Kid Fit

Call or text for info on start dates/times/ages and prices!

248-863-8461 (Lisa)

Monthly Parents Nights out!

Rent out for a birthdays or Parties! 

Busy Bodies for Women Child care Hours

$5 per child, $2 additional child, per hour
Hours (for child care) include:
Monday:         n/a.      

Tuesday:         n/a

Wednesday:   8a.m.-12p.m.      

Thursday:      n/a

Friday:            n/a

Saturday:         n/a

**Upon request= we have to  make sure we have someone available
**please call 24 hours in advance to reserve your spot!!!**

*cash only please*